Practical, fun, and encouraging ideas for your writing journey

Thea’s writing road has taken her to
Grand Canyon many times.

About Thea

The writing road can be bumpy, dusty, potholed, puddled, twisty, lacking guardrails, poorly marked, full of crazies, dangerous.


What’s your destination? Publication?

Let’s walk together (shoes optional).

I’m here to share my journey—from teen mom to university professor—and encouragement for others who might find themselves on an unplanned path.

As you find your way, you can be an encouragementor to others as well.


Cheers for Thea

“Professor Gavin awoke the writer in me. Her unique personality and faith in me encouraged me to open up and express myself through words. I continue to write every day, many years later. Thank you, Thea!”

Shawn Mackin
Freelance Writer, B2B Blog Writer, Marketing Content Specialist

“I found Professor Gavin’s writing advice and classes influenced my writing in every genre. She inspired creativity in the most organic fashion, her feedback never failed to be positive and encouraging, and I discovered that her gentle philosophies on life inspired my own as well.”

Gretchen Sheetz Kirby
Freelance Harpist, Professor of Music

“Thea Gavin brilliantly coordinated and hosted our poetry reading event at the California Native Plant Society State Conference on February 1, 2018. The evening event was called ‘Native People, Plants, Poetry: A Celebration.’ She invited us knowing our work would make a good fit with the society gathering. The poets, myself included, were inspired by her dynamic enthusiasm and heart-felt encouragement, and lifted up by the support of a fellow poet/writer/teacher. She was a skillful moderator as well as an encouraging cheerleader, and the audience felt her enthusiasm and love of her job. Her presence helped make the event a resounding success.”

Dave Holt
Piano Teacher, Writing Tutor

“Thea’s ‘Writing on the Edge’ workshop at Grand Canyon was an incredible experience. After decades of being a ‘secret poet’ I found myself in the company of supportive, caring, funny, and fun women, all with the same intent of simply exploring our creative writing efforts. Thea was an amazing teacher! Her guidance, wisdom, kindness, and good cheer combined with her deep knowledge of the creative writing process, the mechanics of language, and the ‘business’ of creative writing. Her affirmative manner and spirit created a safe learning environment. I came away feeling like a Writer!”

Jean Toner, PhD
Retired Social Work Professor and Clinical Social Worker